About Us

Owned and operated by Royal Star Play 11 Fantasy Private Limited. Realsports11 is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) game that enables cricket hobbyists and casual sports fans to play cash based quick, simple and interesting games to showcase their cricket knowledge and analytical skills.


We run games for all international matches and popular domestic series such as Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League Etc.,


Here, you select a squad of 11 Players of your choice – a set of players you think will keep the scorers busy and spectators on the edge of their seats. Trust your skills and create your own fortune – all with the help of Playing 11 which you analysed.


With RS11, our players can win in every international and domestic match. We continuously run offers on our Apps and social media pages. Make sure to follow us to know more about our Offers & Announcements.


What is Fantasy Sports?


Fantasy sports are a relatively new category of online sports games that enable Users to create and virtually manage real players or teams of a professional sport. The unique feature of these online fantasy sports is that they offer an opportunity for fans to play their favourite sport virtually and compete with his/her peers, based on real-time performance of the sportspersons/athletes in an actual, corresponding sporting event.


Presently, RS11 offer Users fantasy sports games and contests, in various formats, which are based on Cricket. RS11 plans to introduce fantasy games for other sports much sooner than you expect.


Luck or Chance?

A User’s performance is largely dependent on his understanding of the underlying Sport, Event, players involved, playing conditions, statistics, form, etc. To illustrate the point, we would like to draw a parallel with another skill-based sport – Poker. A beginner may think that a player’s performance is largely depending on the hand dealt by the dealer, however a seasoned/professional player of the game will tell you that while the cards received by a player do an element of luck, the success of player is not entirely dependent on it, but is largely dependent on the skills of the player, and his reading and understanding of the rules of Poker, the probability of higher hands of his opponents, understanding betting patterns, etc.


Even though the outcome of a Fantasy Sport is contingent on an uncertain event, we believe the success of a User at Fantasy Sport is predominantly linked to his skill, as he relies on the knowledge of the underlying Sport, teams, players, playing conditions, form and other statistics, all of which require a substantial amount of application of mind.


How it Works?

Once the App is downloaded, Register with your Mobile Number or your Google/Facebook account.


Choose your Sport (Cricket at present)


Select a Match Fixture of your Choice


Click on the ‘Create Team’ button for the match you want to join.


Select your Fantasy Team (including a Captain and Vice-captain) within the virtual budget of 100 credits from all the players in the match.


Join Paid or Free Leagues of your choice. Paid Leagues let you win cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking & Wallets.


Once the live match starts, your Fantasy Team starts earning points based on actual performance of the players selected by you. Final points, rankings and winners are declared after the end of the match.


How to Register?

Enter your details such as:

Step 1: Full Name, Team Name, Date of Birth, E-Mail ID, Gender & Address

Step 2: Verify your Mobile Number which would be validated by an OTP

Step 3: Verify your E-Mail ID as we would send a verification E-Mail

Points to Remember:

Details entered by you would be validated by our Algorithm and check for complying with our Fair play policy

Team name can be created once and cannot be changed