Fair And Play

Match Data

After closing a contest(s), RS11 uploads a PDF comprising the list of users with their Team names participating in a Contest(s) organized by RS11 accessible to all users to ensure transparency in the game.

Equal Opportunity

The users participating in a contest(s) organized by RS11 have equal opportunities wherein all the users are provided an equal virtual budget with same limits and are bound to abide by the same Terms & Conditions.

Verified Users

RS11 considers genuine and verified users to be a core requirement. To ensure Fair play on our platform we have framed guidelines which are mandatory for all users to follow. Moreover, we verify details like PAN and Bank Details before allowing users to withdraw funds or processing refunds.

Payment Security

All your transactions are secured with 128-bit SSL encryption and two factor authentications. We apply 100+ risk rules for each payment so you can focus on your business and rely on for data security.

  • User details and data are saved in a secure setting. The website does not allow its admission to any third party.
  • The website rapidly responds in case any concern arises and the same is resolved right away.
  • The security processes are reviewed repeatedly and improvised time to time.

Security Measures

We have deployed state-of-the-art servers to protect your data from any sort of unauthorized access. We use encryption as well as multi levels of security checks to make your gaming experience safe. Below are few measures listed out:

  • A fantasy cricket player cannot use numerous IDs for playing on same league as it will be regarded as money transfer or syndicate play.
  • Our algorithms keep a tab on all moves of the fantasy cricket players.
  • Complex methods have been employed to assess whether 2 or more fantasy cricket players on the league match are colluding during the fantasy cricket game. In case, the system finds out about any such unethical practice happening on the league then an auto-alert is raised immediately.
  • Suspected fantasy cricket games are monitored closely; in case a player indulges in collusion then his account is blocked and the funds on hand in the same are seized immediately. The players who are impacted by the collusion obtain their points back.

Open Winner Declaration

Open Winner declaration positively influences the transparency factor offered by RS11 to its customers. RS11 declares the winners list openly accessible to all users to ensure conduction of a fair decision.

Customer Support

User experience and user relationship are other factors considered to be a core requirement. RS11 offers 24x7 customer support from our expert and professional representatives to help you resolve your queries, issues, and concerns.